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Scientific Sessions

1. Scientific and Technical Aspects of Coastal Zone

F     Monitoring system and modeling

F     Marine habitat assessment

F     Coastal ecosystem evaluation

F    Persistent problems i.e. over fishing, eutrophication, habitat alteration and contamination by toxic chemicals

F    Coastal engineering, i.e. erosion, shoreline management and sediment transport


2. Ecological and Ecohydrological  Aspects of Coastal Ecosytems 

F     Hydrology and hydro-geochemistry of coastal wetlands

F     Nutrient biogeochemical cycles in coastal systems as well as the pollution aspect.

F    Isotopic applications in biogeochemical assessment in coastal systems

F    Biological aspect of Coastal ecosytem

F    Tsunami impact on coastal wetlands

F    Human-Ecosystem interactions in coastal wetlands

F   Climate change and Sea Level rise


3. Dynamics of Coastal Groundwater

F    Environmental problems in coastal watersheds (surface and groundwater contamination and interaction) due to human activities

F    Seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers

F    Tsunami impact on coastal groundwater

F     Isotope application to understand coastal groundwater dynamics

F    Groundwater flow and mass transport modeling for assessment and management of coastal groundwater resources and pollution in  coastal aquifers.

F    Toxic elements in coastal groundwater with special reference to arsenic

F    Sustainable management of coastal groundwater resource

F    Modeling and Prediction of Caostal environmental change



4. Management Aspects of Coastal Ecosystems

F    Impact of reduced freshwater flow and river interlinking on ecology of coastal environment

F    Role of remote sensing techniques and Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques in coastal zone management

F    Management of coastal systems through scientific and community participation approach with special reference to densely populated coasts (including the delta regions of South Asia and other developing countries)

F    Policy, legislation, Protection and Management of coastal resources

F     Tourism in the coastal regions